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Thumb Phil Robertson is known for being sagely to everyone on Duck Dynasty. Josie hlstx 1
Thumb "I always knew Frosty's complacency would lead to misfortune. What ... drewprice11 sunprincess 1
Thumb Please don't abase me. Give me a second chance. bpowell mohammdon 2
Thumb Beautiful spring flowers in the midst of a late winter storm are an... Anna Ellis pranav 1
Thumb 'NUFF SAID. BH/RT/et al rh009 1
Thumb I AM UNIQUE KARISA turgut 1
Thumb You got to be kidding me. why did you have to go and take the circu... sleepychild pranav 2
Thumb What would you do if she tried to abduct you? bj pranav 2
Thumb Mewmew was captivated by the funny man sitting behind him. mewmewjr pranav 9
Thumb The bordered petals accentuate the flowers beauty. Cameron Berkle sirwordsalot 1
Thumb The new moon enervates Inuyasha and reverts him back to his human form Essence Boayue 1dcattables 4
Thumb Who knew that a simple zephyr of bodily gases could lead to such ex... ehowell nori 1
Thumb Billy's speech was filled with circumlocution as he tried to tell h... jonocrefflez nori 1
Thumb This girl is being inoculated. Taylor maryam83 1
Thumb Clearly, little Webster is overly zealous about coloring. siebemack maryam83 3
Thumb The pig was wistful, missing friends to play outside with. Leslie H. andrewceltics 1
Thumb Sadly, the cat was not able to avoid the noxious barrage of squeaky... Jake andrewceltics 1
Thumb he was preparing scurrilous attack against obama. Aditi 1
Thumb Even cats assuage their stress by watching television. starlight92 katelyn.mathers 1
Thumb Mom did not abet my idea of sky diving. Tori G. kate1983 1
Thumb This cat is about to be gluttonous! Vlad Tupchiy jantzarino 1
Thumb I want to compliment you on being so sweet. Alina Donica jantzarino 1
Thumb The dogs were feeling very amorous. Leslie Martinez jantzarino 1
Thumb Got Gluttony? Franci .A jantzarino 1
Thumb Tbe dog was meticulous about cleanig up his mess. Cristian saul sanchez aguilar jantzarino 1
Thumb The donkey is resolute when the man try to put it to go. Elvira Donica jantzarino 1
Thumb The old man is very decrepit. hector jantzarino 1
Thumb steve jobs is the potentate of electronics. Arthur Dohuzya jantzarino 1
Thumb The hapless policeman was dragged on down the street. Alina Donica jantzarino 1
Thumb The apple thought the worm was amicable. Martha Barboza-Mesta jantzarino 1

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