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We are a couple of MIT guys who are trying to make SAT prep as fun and free as possible thru the power of user-generated content & peer-to-peer learning. In case you couldn't tell, we LOVE running contests and have awesome partners who are helping us make that happen.

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Comments from Our Users

My kids are having an amazing time learning vocab at this site. Thanks for such a creative way to make learning fun! ... I was looking for ways to spice up vocab lessons, and stumbled on your site. Needless to say, the kids are having much more fun with vocabulary! The English teachers are loving it.

-- Londa Brown, Librarian Washburn District High School

I actually love your website and have encouraged my students to register as a user and participate in your Brainy Pic contest. Selecting a word and submitting a photo is part of my weekly Middle School Computer Homework! We can't wait for January to do the video contest again.

-- Zulma Whiteford, Director Academic Technology OLPH School

You guys are awesome. Kudos to Brainyflix and all its related staff ;)

-- Jade Garcia (student)

Thanks so much for creating this site for students. My AP Language and Composition classes love creating the brainypics and were excited to make their first class contributions this year. Keep up the good work!

-- Deanna Bott

I love your site. I am a teacher at a school in Atlantic City NJ and I think your site is wonderful. I am the technology coordinator in my building and I am letting all of my teachers know about this site. It is great!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Shontai Nicholson, Technology Coordinator, Chelsea Heights School

This is really beast!

-- Zach, student

Please continue this website next year! I have used it with my Sat Prep classes and regular English classes and it was so energizing and inspiring for them! They loved creating pictures and videos for our SAT words.

-- Frances Redey, Broward Schools

The SAT video contest has been such a great experience for my students. They loved performing, and then having their classmates see their productions was so rewarding. In fact this really became the impetus for several other activities. My students just finished videos related to our review of themes and symbols in "A Tale of Two Cities". Several of my students have discovered hidden talents through these experiences.

-- Ms. Hill, Teacher at Piedmont High School in North Carolina

This was a WONDERFUL idea because it intergrated vocabulary/language arts with my Media production curricula!...I have approx. 150 students and if they all get their work done, you should have that many from us :)

-- Mr. Cunningham, Teacher at Sandra Day O'Connor High School in Arizona

Looking words up in the dictionary isn’t fun. I can go on this site and see a video, and I’ll actually pay attention.

-- Elijah, Student at Snowden International School in Boston, quoted in the Boston Herald

Students love to ham it up for the camera. Learning SAT vocabulary words can be difficult. Combining the two activities? It might just be better than chocolate and peanut butter.

-- bettyb.teacherlingo.com, Education Blogger

Oh yea, I am really into the competition! =D Just as a note, if we win we are going to get a filmmaking club for our school so we can further express our creativity!

-- MC Gamer, Student at Saegertown High School in Pennsylvania

This competition has helped me to learn a lot of the vocab. essential for those wishing to do well on the SAT. I'm hoping to be a national merit scholar next year. I got 100% on the math section, but I didn't do so well on the english part so I am hoping that this helps! :)

-- Aaron, Student

[I] figured kids wouldn’t have time to watch, much less PRODUCE vocab videos…or read through contest rules. Yay, I was wrong!

-- blog.shapingyouth.org, Education Blogger

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you guys are doing with vocabulary. I'm a GARGANTUAN word nerd, so this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

-- Ms. Sanders, Teacher at Brooks Wester Middle School in Texas