Brainyflix Video Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual Brainyflix contest. Thanks especially to our generous sponsors and Mailchimp for their help and sponsorship to make this event possible.

We are always amazed and inspired by the creativity of the submissions we receive on Gotbrainy.

Jack and Nori

Still want more more??? No problem! We're running our annual Brainyflix Video Contest starting JANUARY 1, 2010. We'll be awarding a Grand Prize of $600 to the video that best teaches the word, as determined by a panel of judges.. Half will go to the maker(s) of the video and the other half will go to his or her school. And to make this viral, we'll give out 1 free iTunes download for every 3 videos you\ submit or referrals you provide. (iTunes downloads available for first 900 videos only).


Video Submission Suggestions

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Brainypics Flashcard Contest

Waddap, Brainyflixers!!! We're at it again! We're offering $$$ and iTunes to get YOU to make Brainypics flashcards. Submit Brainypics betwee\ n NOW and DECEMBER 7, 2009 and compete to win our $200 Grand Prize.

This is how we'll choose the winner: Every week, we'll pick our 5 favorite Brainypics, and those 5 will qualify for our final round of judging. The contest lasts 10 weeks total, so we'll be choosin\ g out of 50 total Brainypics. (By the way, we're looking for guest judges, like a teacher or Justin Timberlake. Please be in touch if you are interested in judging!)

Here are the prizes:


Contact us if you have questions.