Word List

Word Definition
abase (269) v, To degrade; to lower in position, estimation, or the like
abate (19) v, To lessen; to reduce in severity
abdicate (29) v, To give up or renounce (authority, duties, an office, etc.),
abduct (149) v, To kidnap
aberration (19) n, The act of departing from the normal course; the act of deviating from the usual type
abet (24) v, To encourage or support (an action); to urge on
abhor (148) v, to hate, loathe
abide (35) v, to put up with; to remain
abject (12) adj, Sunk to a low condition
abjure (8) v, To give up or put aside voluntarily under oath
abnegation (8) n, denial of comfort to oneself
abort (62) v, to give up unfinished
aboveboard (18) adj, honest, frank, open
abridge (15) v, To make shorter in words, keeping only what is most important
abrogate (35) v, to put an end to, abolish
abscond (26) v, To depart suddenly and secretly to escape arrest
absolution (12) n, Forgiveness or freeing from blame
abstain (23) v, to hold oneself back voluntarily
abstruse (36) adj, Hard to understand; esoteric
abundant (68) adj, Plentiful
accede (12) v, To agree to, often from being pressured
accentuate (23) v, to emphasize, to highlight
accessible (19) adj, Approachable; easy to get to
acclaim (111) v, To utter with a shout
accolade (90) n, high praise, special distinction
accommodating (15) adj, obliging, helpful
accord (22) n, an agreement
accost (20) v, To speak to boldly
accretion (7) n, slow growth in size or amount
acerbic (17) adj, biting, bitter in tone or taste
acquiesce (3) v, To comply; submit
acrimony (7) n, Sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper
acumen (10) n, Quickness and accuracy of intellect and judgement
acute (34) adj, Sharp and intense (as in acute pain); very perceptive (as in an acute observer)
adamant (14) n, (adj) too hard to break; uncompromising in opinion... (n) any substance of exceeding hardness
adept (44) adj, extremely skilled
adhere (9) v, to stick to something ; to follow devoutly
admonish (22) v, To warn or caution against something that should be avoided
adorn (41) v, to decorate
adroit (28) adj, Having skill in the use of the bodily or mental powers
adulation (26) n, extreme praise
adumbrate (4) v, To darken or conceal partially; to overshadow
adverse (16) adj, Unfavorable or opposing
advocate (17) n, One who pleads the cause of another
aerial (13) adj, Of, pertaining to, or like the air
aesthetic (17) adj, artistic, related to the appreciation of beauty
affable (38) adj, Easy to approach, personable
affinity (15) n, a spontaneous feeling of closeness
affluent (41) adj, rich, wealthy
affront (7) n, An open insult or indignity
aggrandize (13) v, To inflate, make something seem greater
aggregate (4) n, The entire number, sum, mass, or quantity of something
aggrieved (8) adj, distressed, wronged, injured
aghast (69) adj, Struck with terror and amazement
agile (31) adj, Able to move or act quickly, physically, or mentally
agnostic (4) adj, believing that the existence of God cannot be proven or disproven
agriculture (23) n, farming
aisle (11) n, a passageway between rows of seats
alacrity (10) n, Cheerful willingness
alias (11) n, An assumed name
allay (9) v, To calm the violence or reduce the intensity of; mitigate
allege (3) v, To assert to be true, especially in a formal manner, as in court
alleviate (10) v, To make less hard to bear or less burdensome
allocate (6) v, to distribute, set aside
aloof (94) adv, Distant; not wanting to associate with others
altercation (44) n, an argument, dispute
amalgamate (20) v, To mix or blend together, combine
ambidextrous (18) adj, able to use both hands equally well; unusually skillful
ambiguous (14) adj, Unclear, open to having many different meanings, equivocal
ambivalent (7) adj, Uncertain; having contradictory feelings
ameliorate (8) v, To make better; to make less painful or hard
amenable (5) adj, Willing and ready to submit
amenity (12) n, an item that increases comfort
amiable (40) adj, friendly, affable
amicable (13) adj, Done in a friendly spirit
amorous (10) adj, Having a propensity for falling in love
amorphous (14) adj, Without determinate shape
anachronistic (4) adj, being out of correct chronological order
analgesic (4) n, something that reduces pain
analogous (5) adj, Similar to something else in a certain way
anarchist (15) n, one who wants to eliminate all government
anathema (9) n, Someone or something detested or loathed
anecdote (6) n, A brief account of some interesting event or incident
anesthesia (6) n, loss of sensation
anguish (39) n, extreme sadness, torment
animated (18) adj or verb, (adj) lively; (v) to give life to
annex (6) v or n, (v) To add or affix at the end; (n) an addition to a building
annul (9) v, to make void or invalid
anomaly (18) n, something that is unusual or abnormal
anonymous (18) adj, Of unknown authorship
antagonism (9) n, Open hostility and dislike
antecedent (6) n, an event or person who comes before
antechamber (2) n, A waiting room for those who seek audience
antediluvian (17) adj, very old or old-fashioned
anthology (3) n, A collection of extracts from the writings of various authors
antipathy (17) n, a strong dislike, repugnance
antiquated (15) adj, old, out of date
antiseptic (4) n, Free from or cleaned of germs and other microorganisms
antithesis (10) n, the absolute opposite
anxiety (25) n, distress or uneasiness
apathetic (30) adj, lacking concern, emotion
aphorism (6) n, a short saying embodying a general truth
apocryphal (5) adj, fictitious, false, wrong
appalling (20) adj, inspiring shock, horror, disgust
appease (29) v, To soothe, calm
appraise (5) v, To estimate the money value of
apprehend (13) v, To take into custody; arrest by authority
approbation (3) n, official approval
appropriate (5) adj, Suitable for the purpose and circumstances
aquatic (25) adj, relating to water
arable (4) adj, suitable for growing crops
arbiter (2) n, One chosen by the conflicting parties to settle the dispute
arbitrary (4) adj, Determined by chance or personal preference and not reason
arbitration (2) n, the process or act of resolving a dispute
arboreal (8) adj, Of or pertaining to a tree or trees
arcane (4) adj, obscure, secret, known only by a few
archaic (53) adj, Old and out-dated, no longer used
archetypal (3) adj, the most representative or typical example of something
ardor (9) n, Intensity of passion or affection
arid (33) adj, Very dry
arrogate (6) v, To take, demand, or claim without right
artifact (15) n, a remaining piece from an extinct culture or place
artisan (13) n, a craftsman
ascertain (6) v, to perceive, learn
ascetic (1) adj, Given to severe self-denial and practicing excessive abstinence and devotion
ascribe (1) v, To assign as a quality or attribute
aspersion (3) n, a curse, expression of ill-will
aspire (36) v, To have an earnest desire, wish, or longing, as for something high and good, not yet attained
assail (50) v, to attack
assess (5) v, To determine the value of
assiduous (22) adj, Diligent; done with great effort
assuage (27) v, To make milder or less severe
astute (33) adj, Keen; clever
asylum (17) n, a place of refuge, protection, a sanctuary ; (n) an institution in which the insane are kept
atone (5) v, To make up, for a fault or error; to make amends
atrophy (9) v, to wither away, decay
attain (9) v, to achieve, arrive at
attribute (4) v, to credit, assign ; (n) a facet or trait
atypical (20) adj, not typical, unusual
audacious (76) adj, Fearless
audible (14) adj, Loud enough to be heard
augment (12) v, To make bigger
auspicious (8) adj, favorable, indicative of good things
austere (141) adj, Severely simple; without decoration
avarice (28) n, Insatiable greed for riches
avenge (29) v, to seek revenge
aversion (14) n, Great dislike of some particular thing
baleful (14) adj, Harmful; malignant
balk (19) v, to stop, block abruptly
ballad (10) n, any light, simple song often with sentimental or romantic character

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