Definition: Hateful; abominable; odious

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Tom Jones - By Henry Fielding
...er part of your offence, therefore, upon which I intend to admonish you, I mean the violation of your chastity ;--a crime, however lightly it may be treated by debauched persons, is very heinous in itself, and very dreadful in its consequences . "...
Pride and Prejudice - By Jane Austen
...Let me advise you, then, my dear sir, to console yourself as much as possible, to throw off your unworthy child from your affection forever, and leave her to reap the fruits of her own heinous offence ....
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - By James Joyce
...Every sin would then come forth from its lurking-place, the most rebellious against the divine will and the most degrading to our poor corrupt nature, the tiniest imperfection and the most heinous atrocity ....
Westward Ho! - By Charles Kingsley, N. C. Wyeth
...when I was lost; and falling into very despair at the burden of my heinous sins, knew no peace until I gained sweet assurance that my Lord had hanged my burden upon His cross, and washed my sinful soul in His most sinless blood, Amen ! "...
The Prime Minister - By Anthony Trollope
...Then there would come upon her unbidden, unwelcome reminiscences of Arthur Fletcher,--thoughts that she would struggle to banish, accusing herself of some heinous crime because the thoughts would come back to her ....
What Maisie Knew - By Henry James, Henry James Collection (Library of Congress)
...Why, my dear woman, her action is just a heinous crime ....
The Duke's Children - By Anthony Trollope
...That such a secret should be kept from him, the father, was acknowledged to be a heinous fault ;--but the wife had known the secret and had kept it from him the father !...
Sketches by Boz - By Charles Dickens, George Cruikshank, Frederick Barnard
...information, till we found by the opening speech of the counsel for the promoter, that, under a half-obsolete statute of one of the Edwards, the court was empowered to visit with the penalty of excommunication, any person who should be proved guilty of the crime of `` brawling, " or " smiting, " in any church, or vestry adjoining thereto; and it appeared, by some eight-and-tweiity affidavits, which were duly referred to, that on a certain night, at a certain vestry-meeting, in a certain parish particularly set forth, Thomas Shadberry, the party appeared against in that suit, had made use of, and applied to Michael Bumple, the promoter, the words `` You be blowed; " and that, on the said Michael Bumple and others remonstrating with the said Thomas Sludberry on the impropriety of his conduct, the said Thomas Sludberry repeated the aforesaid expression, `` You be blowed; " and furthermore desired and requested to know whether the said Michael Bumple `` wanted anything for himself; " adding, `` that if the said Miclmel Bumple did want anything for himself, he, the said Thomas Sludberry, was the man to give it him; `` and at the same time making use of other heinous and sinful expressions, all of which, Bumple submitted, came within the intent and meaning of the Act; and therefore he, for, the soul 's health and chastening of Sludberry, prayed for sentence of excommunication against him accordingly ....
Aspects of fiction and other ventures in criticism - By Brander Matthews
...And the crime is the more heinous in story-telling according to the romantic tradition than in fiction of the realistic school ....
Forces in Fiction - By Richard Burton
...If continental literature were to be included, the bishop 's offense becomes more heinous, for one 's head fairly buzzes with the great creative writers whose labor has since been done ....
The Works of Shakespeare - By William Shakespeare, Alexander Pope, Nicholas Rowe
...Very probably, as the play advanced, the printer realized that he had been guilty of heinous mistakes in Q 4, and, to avoid them, consulted the copy which in 1602 he had printed for another bookseller ....