Definition: To condemn, denounce, disapprove of publicly

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Morality of Fiction - By Hugh Murray
...As it might be going too far, to proscribe this kind of reading entirely, a few ....
The Tory Lover - By Sarah Orne Jewett, Marcia Oakes Woodbury, Charles Herbert Woodbury, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Riverside Press
...We want no Royalists among us, we want no abettors of George the Third; there 's a bill now to proscribe ye and stop your luxury and pride ....
stop thief - By V. M. Masten
...There should be no such reading in an immigration act as, `` under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner General of Immigration with the approval of the Secretary of Labor may proscribe, both as to the admission and return of such aliens . "...
Novela, cuento, teatro: apogeo y crisis - By Jaime Rest
...But on this innocent circumstance he founded a false accusation against the manuscript, that it meant to proscribe the whole sentence from tv ry ovpavy to naprvpovv ? "...