Definition: physical beauty

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V. V.'s Eyes - By Henry Sydnor Harrison
...The light being chiefly behind him, he showed only in thin silhouette, undistinguishable as to age, character, and personal pulchritude ....
On Both Sides - By Frances Courtenay Baylor
...Oh, it is not his personal pulchritude that I look at : it is his pellet of a soul ....
Southern Soldier Stories - By George Cary Eggleston
...The sergeant-major rather valued himself upon his personal pulchritude, and preferred solitude in the camp to any unfavorable exhibition of himself and his wardrobe ....
Prometheus - By Ramon Perez De Ayala, Alice Hubbard, Grace Conkling
...neath a covering of pulchritude ....
Clariodus - By David Irving
...570 Thay lichtit thair and tuike ane gudlie Innis, Whair thay ane day and eike ane nicht repofit, Whom for to fe the peipill all rejofit; Whair thair was of the Kingis Court ane Knight, Quhilke them efpyit evin as they did licht, And fpeirit them; and quhen he underftude The Ladies name of plefant pulchritude, And quhat the lordis and ladies with hir beine, Ane fairer fight he thoght he had never feine ....
Revelations of a Wife - By Adele Garrison
...Did my husband love me only for what poor claims to pulchritude I possessed ?...
Novela, cuento, teatro: apogeo y crisis - By Jaime Rest
...decor ac pulchritude denuo renasci coepit, non nisi singular !...