Definition: lively, spirited, full of life

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Famous writers using vivacious in a sentence.

War and Peace - By Leo Tolstoy
...It is a bright and vivacious story ....
The Shuttle - By Frances Hodgson Burnett, Clarence F. Underwood, Amy Richards, Frederick A. Stokes Company
...He was very much talked of at vivacious ladies ' luncheon parties, he was very much talked to at equally vivacious afternoon teas ....
The Woman in the Alcove - By Anna Katharine Green
...Some one of the many bright and vivacious girls about me, for he turned almost instantly our way ....
Alice Adams - By Booth Tarkington
...The matron seemed unaccustomed to so much vivacity, and responded but dryly, whereupon Alice was more vivacious than ever; for she meant now to present the picture of a jolly girl too much interested in these wise older women to bother about every foolish young man who asked her for a dance ....
Treasure Island - By Robert Louis Stevenson
...She was bright and vivacious, and a tactful hostess ....
The Scarlet Letter - By Nathaniel Hawthorne, Joseph Hatton
...To Hester 's eye, the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale exhibited no symptom of positive and vivacious suffering, except that, as little Pearl had remarked, he kept his hand over his heart ....
A Tale of Two Cities - By Charles Dickens, Frederick S Boas, T. H. Allen
...No vivacious Bacchanalian flame leaped out of the pressed grape of Monsieur Defarge : but, a smouldering fire that burnt in the dark, lay hidden in the dregs of it ....
Wuthering Heights - By Emily Bront
...The familiar nod was changed to a stiff bow, the gracious smile gave place to a glare of Gorgon ferocity; her vivacious loquacity was entirely transferred from me to " the darling boys and girls, " whom she flattered and indulged more absurdly than ever their mother had done ....
The Egoist - By George Meredith
...To tell truth, she felt vivacious in a moderate way with Willoughby after seeing him with Miss Dale ....
Silas Marner - By George Eliot, Edward Leeds Gulick
...Here the vivacious doctor made a pathetic grimace ....
The Age of Innocence - By Edith Wharton
...A DAUGHTER OF THE DONS A Western story of romance ami adventure, comprising a vivacious and stirring tale ....
Hard Times - By Charles Dickens
...She was too sprightly to allow of their walking at a slow pace on her account, but she was very grateful to be talked to, and very willing to talk to any extent : so, when they came to their part of the town, she was more brisk and vivacious than ever . "...
A Room with a View - By Edward Morgan Forster
...`` Eleanor, be quiet, " plucking at her vivacious companion ....
The Mayor of Casterbridge - By Thomas Hardy
...Yes, I heard you, ' said the lady, in a vivacious voice, answering her look . '...
Daisy Miller - By Henry James, Harry Whitney McVickar
...pursued this vivacious infant ....
The Return of the Native - By Thomas Hardy, John William Cunliffe
...Eustacia 's manner was as a rule of a slumberous sort, her passions being of the massive rather than the vivacious kind ....